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creating a brand in 3 weeks

The aim is to create a sustainable brand with a collection for the year 2030 within 3 weeks. Together in a group of 30 people the tasks were divided in the AMFI departments: Management, Design, and Branding. The theme alter ego was the starting point for this project.

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-03 om 14.53.53.
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-03 om 14.54.10.

Within the topics alter ego, music and 2030 the brand echo was created with the goal to let people connect to their true self with a trance-like experience. The clothing will make sounds when you move and when listening to your own made music, you can relax and create your own reality. This is al based on a sustainable model where the clothes can be borrowed in the ECHO store.

ECHO to your new world.

Echo gives you a chance to escape from this world by means of music. It’s an altered version of something heard.

The concept is based on the topics alter ego, music and the next decennial. It’s all about transforming, escaping and consciousness.

A sequence of sounds gives you the possibility to escape and can lead you into another world. It’s a form of expression.


Take your time.

Clear your mind.

Participate in the story.

Don’t be afraid.


Find the secondary version of yourself.


We take you into a new world, made with an inspirational view and overwhelming new designs.

We take responsibility for a sustainable world of tomorrow.

We are prepared for the future.

Music changes the way humans perceive the world around us. It changes our emotions and our state of mind. Evolving over time, we will become aware of our subconsciousness self-being which fluctuates and transforms over time like music does. Our consciousness and mind become one with the flow and movement of modern society as we reunite with reality.


Escaping to a surreal world, leaving the buzz and difficulties of our lives behind. To ignore issues such as depression, anxiety and stress, which can be caused by environmental issues, we escape through music and enter a new surreal world through trance. Different highs, lows and tones, take us to different new worlds as our emotions change with them. These mixed rhythms serve as an eye opener, realising that this hyper-realistic world is a reflection of what the real world should be.

concept boarden alter ego x music colour

photos: Peter Isaak

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