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Orange & Pink Scrunchie

Special Edition


From designing, to making the prints and patterns to sewing all the pieces, 

every garment is completely handmade by Lotte van Stijn in her atelier in Amsterdam. This means that every product is especially made for you and can be tailored to your specific size and desires.

Please contact for more information.

All the products are either made from deadstock fabrics or sustainable printed fabrics. Each garment is designed to last for a long time.


discover all the made-to-order items​​

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Bowie Pants Tencel Drill


available made-to-order

Maxi Polo Blouse - Black and White Flowers


available made-to-order

The brand Lotte van Stijn is all about showcasing a new kind of power dressing: garments to take up space in a masculine world and to make you feel powerful. It displays femininity and feminine dressing as something powerful and equal to masculinity. 



By mixing voluminous dresses, elements of sportswear and power suits, Lotte’s own version of power dressing was created. 

The garments are not only made to physically take up space with the pieces, but also visually by using very striking colours and handmade prints. 

l'unité dans la féminité

Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023

nock nock art fair

Collectie Lotte van Stijn_AnniekSnoeijs_NockNock_highress_srgb_35.jpg

Lotte van Stijn x Nina Hauben      

   Lotte van Stijn x Lotte Sinke

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