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the 400's

The 400'S is all about communicating and translating the characteristics of the 400m track event in fashion. It's a journey where sportswear gradually merges with couture in a new kind of category of clothing. It's about an ongoing process in design, recycling and connecting with the customer. By depending on collecting old sportswear of the 400'S community, every collection will be different. The connecting elements in the collections are movement, boldness and craftsmanship.


The 400's is an ever-changing brand, where track and field meets couture.

The photoseries "Fashion in the Fast Lane" by Carlijn Jacobs for Dazed Magazine was a big inspiration for my collection.


I wanted to show the combination between fashion and track and field as fun and energetic. 


The prints in this collection are inspired by literal track & field references, such as the track itself and the starting bibs. Next to the self-made prints, I had to work with the prints and logos of the collected sportswear. I used Clo3D for exact placement on the arms for the mesh top.

Photographer - Annemarie ten Kate

Make-up & hair - Puk de Bruin and Amber Dobbelstein

(B Academy)

Models - Maartje Nieuwenweg, Sammy Stirler, Demi Ott

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